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    Get 30 minutes Free! consultancy for any tech problem.Speak to an T.S. tech expert for free and get great advice on any personal computer or tech-related problems. It’s quick, effective and best of all, it’s FREE!!!!

  • Bussiness Solutions

    As a part of Business Nonstop plans, businesses get comprehensive support for setup and installation of registered devices, software installation and customization, peripheral installation with updated drivers, etc.

  • Enterprises Solutions

    Drive revenue generation in your service centers, extend customer lifecycle management and turn customers into brand advocates. The CRM makes it easy to manage customer information.

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    Reach us @:-
    Trouble Shooter,
    Sheela Bypass,
    Rohtak (Haryana).
    Mobile: +91-9671351256
    E-mail: ccare@tsrohtak.com

  • T
    Technical Support in Rohtak & Delhi NCR
    Call +91-9671351256
    for Instant Technical Support
    Anytime, anywhere remote tech help
    for your Home/Bussiness devices
  • Trouble Shooter
    Technical Support in Rohtak & Delhi NCR
    Data Recovery
    Diagnostic & Repair
    Utility Training
    CC TV & Security System
    Virus Removal
  • Changing Lives
    Smart solutions for your business!
    Setup & Instalation
    Diagnostic & Repair
    Any Technology Any Device
    User Tools & Portals
  • All Browser Support
    Need help with your Project? Get in touch.
    Trouble Shooter IS THE MARKET LEADER
    We are the leading technical support providers in Delhi NCR Region.
  • Optimisation

    You won't believe it's the same old computer. Your system will work like it did on the day you bought it! No kidding!

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  • Diagnosis & repair

    The one stop comprehensive diagnostic & repair station for your computer and connected devices.

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  • Set-up & Install

    Confused and frustrated with device setup & installation? Leave it to the experts, which means all you've to do is sit back & relax

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  • Virus Removal

    Online threats, viruses, hackers! Isn't your head spinning already? iYogi will take care of optimizing your security infrastructure .

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  • Usability Training

    Need help to understand how to make the best use of a software application? Just contact us for expert guidance

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  • Networking

    Expert tech support to set up your home or business networks, connect to the Internet, and manage servers

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Trouble Shooter

Trouble Shooter is a global computer support service provider which has carved a niche in the industry because of its modern, out of the box and unparallel quick and flawless service to its clients. With its work location in United States it very swiftly caters to the need and requirements of customers across the globe. Headquartered in INDIA as Trouble Shooter, Trouble Shooter has been rated as one of the best computer support service providers for consumers and small businesses in Delhi N.C.R.

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Who We Are

Company Profile!

T.S. is a leading provider of online technical support services to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices and software. Leveraging its proprietary Digital Service Cloud software technology platform, T.S. delivers support services to millions of customers globally and its services are available on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year

Customer Satisfaction

T.S. offers incident based services for tech support and long-term unlimited subscription plans from one to three years. Customers can choose from various channels to contact T.S. including web-based support, real-time phone, chat, and e-mail or on-ground technicians.

T.S. offers a comprehensive suite of service offerings, including diagnosis and repair, installation and maintenance services for multiple devices, software applications and other products, including PCs, digital cameras, MP3 players, printers, etc. T.S. also provides support for a range of Apple devices. The customer satisfaction scores of T.S. are amongst the highest in the technical support industry.

One Stop Shop

The wide range of service offerings by T.S. is brand-agnostic, which makes it a “one stop shop” for many customers’ technology support needs. Customers can rely on T.S. to address many of their technical support needs and avoid the complexities of working with multiple support providers associated with each individual device or software application they purchase

Unmatched Platform

T.S.’s proprietary technology platform, called Digital Service Cloud gets smarter with every customer interaction. It documents every problem, solution, and relevant hardware and software specs while capturing each customer’s demographic information, and creates a behavioral profile. All this information is available at the fingertips of T.S. Tech Experts, combining a powerful knowledge base with a comprehensive set of tools and technology expertise that can be accessed on demand to deliver quality tech support any time of the day and any time of the year.

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